Monday, December 12, 2011

White House Toilet Paper

Yep- I have some. In the pocket of my caroling skirt. White House toilet paper and a bay leaf. Yes indeed, I visited the White House and all I got was toilet paper. Well, not really but for those of you who know me, it fits me that this is what I am excited about.
I am truly blessed to sing with a great group of people, the Victorian Carolers, and we were invited to perform at the White House. It was an amazing adventure that I will never forget. We were singing for a group of invited guests as they exited the White House tour. It was an honor and joy to sing in such a beautiful and historical place. The best part was with all of the greenery, it smelled like a big Christmas hug. We were allowed on the same tour and it was gorgeous. I had never been to the White House and it was awe inspiring. I wish I could explain better but the experience was so magical it it hard to put it into words. Although I will forewarn you, if you are the last to leave the tour, Security will threaten to "release the hounds" on your tush. No seriously as in- You now have to leave, we are bringing in the dogs.
I have pictures of our adventure. It was a blast and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to go again one year. And if you ask nicely, I will try and sneak some WHTP for you. :)

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  1. I want to know if the WHTP is different or special? More cushy? Does it have the Presidential seal on each piece? Is it still white to match the color of the house?