Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Really...

I am starting this, truly I am. I think, well maybe. Actually a new computer with wireless (hello friend!) and rising food prices mean I am going to learn to bake (if it kills someone) and can/freeze more veggies this year. Not only is it a sound practice for the sake of my pocketbook, it makes me happy because I have such wonderful memories of my grandmothers and the wonderful Sunday dinners with family.

Just a little translation for everyone. Dinner in the South is lunch and Supper is well supper. (Uncle Greg would be proud of me using proper Southern.)

It is almost Spring here in North Carolina and we are teetering between 75 and 55 degree highs. I am ready for warm weather but it is cool outside so I am hoping to fill the house with yummy smells. So... Today I am tackling 2 things that have always kicked my butt. Bread (let me know if someone needs help patching their foundation- that has been the case in the past) and cake. Not just any cake Old Fashioned Sweet Potato, think carrot but with sweet potatoes.

I am hoping to have pictures and even recipes when I am done.

*Disclaimer- my wonderful grandmother, whom I loved dearly and still do, would say the uglier the cake the better. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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